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1969 Mustang Mach 1 Resto Mod

Modernized With 800+HP

The owner of this project is no stranger to powerful mustangs or ARD creativity. His previous project we completed was a 1966 Mustang GT350H with a twist, the powertrain was swapped in favor of an 03-04 Cobra motor and trans.

For this Mustang, the original 351 is being replaced with a forged internal 429 that will be producing power numbers in the 800 range. Heidts Pro-G front and rear suspension/brake components to make it ride, handle and stop like a modern sports car.

Once the car was stripped down and back from the media blaster it confirmed what we thought all along, this car is a true survivor…Absolutely no rust at all! After blasting, the mini tub was installed and the body was prepped, primed and sprayed in calypso coral.


Project Detail

  • Owner: Nelson F

  • Date: 2015-Current

  • Category: High Performance Street Car

  • Horsepower: Aprox. 800hp on 93 Octane

  • Status: Motor/Trans Install

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