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Dyno Tuning

  • $200/Rate

  • $750 N/A* 

  • $950 Forced Induction*
    *Call for exact pricing/Per Application

Performance Upgrades

Getting used to the power of your vehicle? We can install a number of performance enhancements to bring back that rush you felt the first time you drove it. From Alfa Romeo to Volvo, if there is a performance part for it, we can install it!

Performance Packages

We work with many manufactures and install/tune the latest performance packages for GT-Rs, Supras, Skylines, Corvettes, GM Trucks, Dodge SRT, Viper, Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio (authorized Ideal Race installer) and more!

Track Inspection/Prep

We are conveniently located on the east perimeter of Atlanta near all your favorite ATL based tracks and our skilled technicians are trained to thoroughly inspect your vehicle for an upcoming track day. We have most track inspection forms on file and stock high performance fluids required for a hassle free day at the track. We also can provide dyno sheets for your NASA needs! 

Dyno Tuning

Our in house tuner is familiar with a variety of tunes on the market and can extract the safest level of performance out of your engine. We have extensive knowledge tuning GM, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Toyota.


We do it right the first time, no games or trying to sell you on parts you don’t need. Our technicians perform maintenance on all makes and models, commuters to exotics using high quality replacement parts (usually OEM) for years of worry free driving.

Nitrous Oxide

We have a full service Nitrous Oxide filling station set up on site. If you need your bottles refilled stop in and we will get you topped off.

Classic Restorations/ Resto Mod

Ready to bring that classic car of yours back to life? We have all the tools and experience to make your pride and joy look better than it did when it left the showroom floor. 


Looking to have something custom made? We have the equipment and skills to fabricate anything. If you can dream it, we can do it.

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