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An Unsuspecting Rocket

Jeff didn’t want to bolt on a supercharger and run the typical 6-8 pounds of boost on his Viper, he wanted to go all out! With a target of 800+ HP Jeff decided on a Gen 2 Roe Racing supercharger system with the larger 3.2L unit.

Running a healthy 12-14 psi of boost reliably meant digging into and strengthening the 8.0L V10. We put the motor in the hands of Brian, the same guy who builds all of our high HP and race motors. What Jeff got is a motor capable of handling over 1,400 HP if he ever gets bored with the 800+ we will be delivering the car with.

Once the car was buttoned up and street tuning was complete we strapped the car to the dyno and it didn’t disappoint. 703 horsepower to the rear wheels and 770tq! About 810hp at the crank on 93 octane. The most impressive part about the power delivery is the 750+TQ available from 2,750 RPM.

We hope Jeff has as much fun terrorizing the streets of Florida with his Viper as we did building it.

Project Detail

  • Owner: Jeff A.

  • Date: 2017

  • Category: Performance

  • Horsepower: 800+

  • Status: Complete

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