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2,400+ HP and Driven on the Street!

JD came to us with an idea, build a Viper that could compete with the fastest cars in the world and be tame enough to drive around town without any ‘race car’ headaches. Driving this Viper around normally you would never expect it to have over five times the power it was delivered with!

After finishing runner up in the RWD Class at the Spring 2015 Texas Invitational the decision was made give the entire turbo system a much needed upgrade using the latest offerings from Garrett.

At the Fall 2015 Texas Invitational we unveiled the completely transformed turbo system, the finishing touches had been completed only a few hours prior but car performed flawlessly. With a boost set in the mid 20’s Joe’s Viper clocked a 190.3mph indexing pass on the first run, 3 MPH higher than the car’s previous best at TI. By the end of the day the Viper was running consistent passes at 196.7 MPH with the boost pressure still in the mid 20’s.

In May 2016 at the Georgia Wannagofast Joe’s Viper gave the crowd a taste of what it’s capable of at almost 2,800 feet above sea level.  After a 203 MPH shake down pass, which Chris felt was ‘slow’ so he didn’t bother to pull the chute (oops!) he lined up for another pass.  With all settings identical to the previous pass, the silver Viper put down a respectable 206 MPH run banging the rev limiter well before the half-mile marker. After a very short discussion, the rev limiter was raised to 7500 RPM and the boost increased from 25 to 29 PSI. What happened next was record breaking….literally. The Viper planted itself, took off like a rocket and kept a line straight as an arrow, still hitting the rev limiter before the half mile marker the board lit up….217.39 MPH! A new Viper, event and US half mile record!

A new, taller rear gear is already on order and we will be back in September to see what the Viper will do with more gear on tap!


Project Detail

  • Client: Joseph Dell

  • Date: 2012-Current

  • Category: Street Car

  • Horsepower: 2,400+

  • Status: Setting Records!

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